“United Charter Consultancy Limited” (UCCL) is the brain child of Dr. Kit Fung, initiated in 2006 by pooling in various experts on a consultancy basis towards developing and providing both the public and private sectors with professional consultation, vocational training(s) through government recognised training programs, Continuing Education Fund (CEF), subsidised training programs – see LEARN.ASIA -and government funded research projects on public health, environmental health and occupational safety aspects.

Built upon her extensive training, research expertise and experience in consulting for; Public & Environmental Health, Occupational Safety and Pest Control & Pesticide Safety needs, UCCL has in its past collaboration with SPEED of the Polytechnic University Hong Kong launched training programs graduating more than 1000 trainees over a period of 10 years. UCCL’s output is and has always been to promulgate Utmost Confidence Criterion in any and every project UCCL takes on.

Our Consultancy Services address Environment, Safety and Health issues of concern, as identified by our client(s). Each consultancy project is rigorously explored through research-based know-how and also by chartering of external expertise if deemed necessary. Successful consultations carried out by UCCL have covered such areas as Environment, Occupational Safety & Health, Safety & Risk Management, Pest Control & Pesticide Safety, by means of fostering in-house training and programs, – see LEARN.ASIA – developments for various industries in both public and private sectors including, but not limited to, Aviation, Energy, Logistics, Packaging, Construction, Public Housing, Public Transportation, Pest Control, Cleaning, and Hospitality.